Our Story

Red Cabin at Green Acres is a family based business in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. The idea and dream of the Red Cabin Supper Club has been many years in the making, and now its happening! Red Cabin at Green Acres was opened on April 12th, 2011. The bar and supper club are owned by Dave Schuh, and his wife, Laurie Schuh.  Dave's other business partner is Kathy Krug, who has several daughters who work at the Supper Club.  They staff almost 40 employees.

Dave and his sister Kathy were born and raised in Eden. "We both have fond memories of the restaurant, which was known for its Friday fish fries and family-friendly atmosphere. We grew up with Green Acres. It was always the place where you would go for a treat."  The family plans to continue that tradition.

Green Acres was closed for two years before the Schuh's took charge. It's new name is a combination of it's original name "Green Acres" with it's "Red Cabin" which has sat on the property for more than 30 years.

The property also features a pond and quarter-mile walking path.  Which many deer, ducks, geese and other wildlife call home.

The grounds are well maintained and extensive.  It's a BEAUTIFUL place to host an outdoor event.




Here's a clip from WISCONSIN FOODIE 2017...
It was fun to play with the team from Wisconsin Foodie! We are blessed to have great customers who support us, great partnerships such as Society Insurance and most important a team passionate about 100% satisfaction. Check out Laurie's bread pudding - the best in Wisconsin.